Personalized Lenses for a Digital Era

Personalized Lenses for a Digital Era

Degressive power lenses, commonly called office lenses, are ideal for presbyopes who use a desktop screen every day. When using a desktop computer, it is common for progressive wearers to incline their head slightly to align themselves with the focal point dedicated to the distance of their screen. Contrary to progressive lenses, where the zone dedicated to intermediary distance is narrow and positioned in the middle of the lens, an office lens offers a wider intermediary distance at the top of the lens. This lens design is better suited for office ergonomics where your screen is eye-level. 
Similar to a progressive, a degressive power lens offers an invisible transition from your full near prescription at the bottom of the lens to an intermediary distance higher up. Unlike progressives, they do not offer a full distance vision. One should not expect to drive or walk outside with these lenses. However, there are different design options to accommodate different work environments. If you work on a desktop but also have conference meetings with presentations a few meters away, the lens can be adjusted for these specifications. An analysis of your distinct needs is part of an optician's duty, so don't be surprised if you are asked for the precise distances that you would like to see comfortably at work. 

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