Des verres personnalisés pour l’ordinateur

Personalized glasses for the computer

Computer glass, also known as "declining glass", is ideal for people with presbyopia who use their high-screen computer on a daily basis. Since your progressive lenses are not necessarily suitable for a very high close vision position, these proximity lenses allow optimal vision in these circumstances, because you avoid having to raise your chin to see well.

They are not designed to see from afar. With near and intermediate vision zones that are wider than a progressive, they provide you with additional visual and postural comfort. They allow you to see well in the reading position at around 40 cm (area at the bottom of the lens) and up to around 1 meter via the top of the lens, the viewing distance for computer work being between these 2 distances.

To note; they are not designed to be worn while walking, but only for a static reading and/or working position seated at a desk. However, some versions of these glasses can be adapted to allow restricted movement, after analyzing your work situation.

These glasses are very practical for some computers with high screens, they will not serve you if you use a laptop on your lap. In this case, there is no point in investing in this type of product, because your progressive lenses will do the job perfectly.