5 tendances de lunettes de soleil pour l’été 2024 par Marie-Sophie Dion

5 Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2024 by Marie-Sophie Dion

Whether you're channeling a star athlete or embracing a chic urban vibe, what statement do you want to make this summer to stand out and express your personality? This season, several emerging trends blend style, functionality, and distinctiveness to suit all preferences. The evolution of international fashion trends is certainly an inspiration at the 6 Bar à lunettes locations by Marie-Sophie Dion. Our founder, optician, and designer, Marie-Sophie Dion, is well-known in the eyewear world for her avant-garde and unique frame designs, which are crafted to surprise and make a statement!

"There's a rich variety of sunglasses trends this summer—from neutral to vibrant colours, from oversized frames to small linear lenses, and from rounded to angular shapes. The diversity in styles is truly exciting, and that's fantastic because  'Long live freedom.'. Here are 5 trends I've pinpointed—whether you decide to embrace them or not 😉—for your sunglass selection this summer." - Marie-Sophie Dion


Trend #1: Sports Screens - Chic and Functional  

Inspired by ski goggles and cycling masks, these "sports screen" sunglasses merge athletic and urban fashion seamlessly. These designs elevate sportswear, fitting even the most elegant outfits and exemplifying the post-COVID trend of 'jogger-chic' style. Their large, sporty frames provide extensive coverage above the eyebrows, ensuring optimal sun protection.  

Exciting news for fans❤️: The Summer 2024 Solar Collection by Marie-Sophie Dion, which harmonizes functionality with elegance, is set to launch in June 2024. Be sure to subscribe to the Bar à lunettes newsletter!


(Photo: Prada Collection, available at the Bar à lunettes branch in Bromont)


Trend #2: Micro Glasses - For the Daring Fashionista  

These small glasses, often positioned low on the nose to reveal the eyelids, project a rebellious and enigmatic style. Popular since 2017 among fashion-forward youth and the young-at-heart, these frames come in shapes like oval, rectangle, diamond, and triangle. Although they offer minimal sun protection, their strong style statement continues to make them a favorite among those who follow celebrity fashion trends.


(Photo by Denisse Alanis on Unsplash)


Trend #3: Oversized Glasses - Assured Sophistication  

Whether thin or thick-rimmed, oversized sunglasses grab attention with their large size and various shapes—be it round, square, octagonal, or oval. This year, choose bright or pastel hues that enhance your complexion. Good news: opaque white, a trend ignited by Rihanna and other pop icons, is making a strong comeback. However, note that while translucent frames are trendy for their modern look, they might not provide sufficient glare protection, especially for those with light-sensitive eyes.


(Photo: Anne and Valentin Collection, available at our Bar à lunettes)


Note well! Translucent frames are still in style this summer 2024...  Although translucent frames are trendy for their modern look, they might not provide sufficient glare protection, especially for those with light-sensitive eyes.


Trend #4: Aviator Type Sunglasses - Timeless  

This classic aviator style, originally designed for American military pilots, remains a go-to for those who prefer timeless pieces. This summer, opt for subtle elegance with shades in simple black, faux tortoiseshell, or gold, moving away from loud logos and excessive decorations. These adventure-inspired frames continue to be favored for their enduring appeal and essential status in accessory collections.


(photo: Blake Kuwahara Collection, available in our Bar à lunettes)


Trend #5: Round Glasses - For a Chic/Playful Look

Favored by independent designers like Anne et Valentin and Théo as well as mainstream brands alike, round-lensed sunglasses add a playful yet chic touch to your look. They not only provide a fun vibe but also emphasize the wearer's individuality. This summer 2024, choosing round glasses will place you at the forefront of fashion trends!


(Photo: Gamine Collection)


Custom-Made Sunglasses: The Ultimate Comfort

Unsure about what suits you best? Treat yourself to the luxury of custom-made sunglasses, tailored to your personal style, facial features, and preferences. At the 6 Bar à lunettes locations by Marie-Sophie Dion, we design the perfect frames, which are then crafted in our workshop in Saint-Lambert.

We look forward to serving you!


The Bar à lunettes team by Marie-Sophie Dion