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Take a look at our current offers and save on eyeglasses for you or your little ones.

  • Tax-free sunglasses

    The wide selection of sunglasses from Bars à lunettes meets all your protection needs, whether for driving, sports, or lounging on a terrace. For a limited period, we are offering a 15% discount, equivalent to the value of taxes, if you do not need to insert corrective lenses into a tinted lens frame.

  • The multi-pair offer

    Impossible for you to choose? Why not spoil yourself and get two different new models? The Glasses Bar Multi-Pair offer allows you to save $200 when you purchase a second pair of complete glasses (frame and progressive lenses) and $100 if your lenses are of uniform power.

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  • Kids offer

    Our little ones are growing up fast and their eyesight is also changing. The Glasses Bar team offers you the Kids package which allows you to change the lenses of a pair of prescription glasses if the optometrist detects a change within 2 years. In addition, these recycled glasses are sent to the Lion's Club International charity, just to make a child's life more beautiful; )

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Bespoke frames by Marie-Sophie Dion

Looking for a unique frame fully adjusted to your features, your personality, as well as your preferred style, color, shape or material? We got you! For Marie-Sophie Dion and her team, nothing is more satisfying than being able to make a stylish frame that sits perfectly on the nose and temples.

Custom frames