Quelle teinte de verres solaires choisir?

What tint of sunglasses to choose?

Pink, yellow, green, blue, brown… with so many sun lens tints available, which one to choose? From biking and skiing to fishing and golfing, our vision and comfort needs differ. Making the right choice is therefore not always easy! But don't panic, we are here to guide you and help you choose the shade that best suits your lifestyle and your tastes. Discover the benefits of each color for your favorite outdoor and indoor activities, and make an “enlightened” sunscreen choice this summer! 🧡

Dark smoked lenses: to conquer the outside world

(brown / gray / green)

Embark on everyday life in the sun, driving and outdoor activities with the dark tinted lenses. They cut out glare from intense sunlight or a snow-lit landscape. Gray sunglass lenses darken, greens accent foliage, while brown sunglass lenses warm the colors of the landscape. Come on, let's go for the adventure!

Clear tinted sunglasses: long live the party under the clouds


Who said cloudy days were sad? Excellent in moderate to low light conditions, the lightly tinted lenses are ideal for skiing, snowboarding and other sports on overcast days. Enjoy better depth perception, improved contrasts and a brighter environment to have a blast even under overcast skies!

Photos: Sunglasses with purple tinted lenses

And polarized sunglasses in all this? The secret weapon against glare!!

Water sports enthusiasts or sensitive to reflections on water, snow, the road…, polarized sunglasses are made for you! They dramatically reduce reflected light and give you crystal clear vision. Beware, however, of interactions with windshields and LCD screens. Opt for these lenses with or without a mirror finish, with or without a prescription, for the perfect anti-glare solution.

List of sun lens tints: advantages and particularities of each color

Sun lens tint colors

Benefits of each sun tint color

Tinted glasses

  • Preferred for bright conditions.
  • No color distortion.
  • Anti-glare shield.
  • Perfect for any activity requiring a neutral filter.

Tinted lenses


  • Ideal for days mixing sun and clouds.
  • Blocks blue light and brightens cloudy days.
  • Enhanced contrast and depth perception.
  • Ideal for tennis, golf, skiing and water sports.

Tinted lenses


  • A tint created by Bausch & Lomb, originally developed for army pilots.
  • Enhances detail with retinal green sensitivity.
  • Reduces glare in most conditions.

Tinted glasses


  • Revives the sky and green landscapes
  • USPTA approved for tennis professionals.
  • Create a rock star tune automatically.

Tinted glasses


  • Helps to see well in undergrowth and shady places.
  • Soothing effect for sensitive eyes.
  • comfortable for late-day wear.

Tinted glasses



  • Blocks blue light present in cloudy weather.
  • Improves contrast and depth perception.
  • Ideal for tennis, golf, skiing or other sports requiring acute visual perception and contrast differentiation.

Tinted lenses


  • Increases contrast in foggy or low light conditions.
  • Makes objects look sharper during a shooting session.
  • Causes color distortion.
  • Ideal for low-light snow activities and indoor sports.

Did you know? Most prescription lenses without plastic tint already protect you from 92% of ultraviolet rays.

Eh yes! This therefore makes almost obsolete any addition of anti-UV treatment. The tint of your lenses is therefore chosen primarily for your visual comfort! So if you opt for plastic photochromic technology, whose color varies according to the brightness, well know that your eyes are still well protected.

Now you have a better idea of ​​what sun tint color would suit you best, great! But what about the other components such as the choice of polarization of the glasses, the need for correction, the photochromic system, the corrective lenses…or even simply making sure to choose the right shape of sunglasses? From round sunglasses to octagonal sunglasses, including square, "cat's eye" and hexagonal sunglasses, the choices are endless! Don't worry, we are here to advise you, and even create your perfect glasses.

Do you want a unique sunglasses frame, perfectly adjusted to your features?

Unfortunately, supermarkets and eyewear stores do not always offer the desired style, color, size and “fit”, let alone the exact adjustment of a frame according to the precise measurements of your morphological features! If you want a perfectly fitted frame created from scratch for you, we'll take care of it! Discover the luxury and comfort of wearing a frame created to measure for you, right here in Quebec in our creation workshop founded by Marie-Sophie Dion in Saint-Lambert.

But beware: once you experiment with made-to-measure, you may never want to go back to a ready-to-wear frame!! 😉

Photos: Custom creation by Marie-Sophie Dion

For any question relating to the choice of the best shade to enhance your favorite activity, for your general use, or to find out the details of a unique custom creation, we invite you to make an appointment online for an eyewear consultation. with our team of opticians.

Looking forward to serving you soon!

The Marie-Sophie Dion Glasses Bar team