Lunettes de plastique ou de métal ? Faites le choix qui vous convient!

Plastic or Metal eyeglasses ? Make the right choice for you!

Plastic or metal? These two materials have been stirring the imagination of fashion-forward individuals, both men and women, for ages! From the bold and lively appearance of plastic frames to the sophistication and delicacy of metal glasses, the options seem limitless. Ultimately, it all boils down to your personal preference, individual needs, and the personality you wish to convey!

In this article, we delve into the pros and cons of each material, highlighting the nuances that make them intriguing.

Plastic vs. Metal Frames: Let’s compare!

When choosing between these two contenders, five main factors come into play: durability, weight and comfort, personality and lifestyle, versatility and design, and choice of colours and textures.

1. Durability and Strength

Today's glasses are designed to withstand the rigors of daily life with style and endurance, regardless of the material.

Metal frames, especially those made from titanium and stainless steel, are known for their incredible strength and flexibility. They can endure significant pressure without losing their shape, proving to be true warriors – they hardly ever break! Practically indestructible, they can adapt to any activity or mishap without damage.

That being said, Plastic frames also stand their ground in terms of durability! Whether it's the lightness of carbon fiber and polyamide, the flexibility of elastomer, or the sturdiness of acetate, plastic frames also boast longevity. Cellulose acetate, in particular, shines for its ability to maintain its color, shape, and integrity over time. Additionally, repairing a plastic frame is often simpler than fixing a metal one. Worth considering!

2. Weight and Comfort

Another factor to keep in mind is the weight and comfort of the frames. When they perfectly rest on your nose, plastic frames are known for their great comfort and are perfect for prolonged wear, as they are less likely to leave undesirable marks on your nose or ears.

On the other hand, metal frames tend to be slightly lighter than their plastic counterparts. However, they feature nose pads mounted on arms instead of being integrated into the eyeframe. Have you ever noticed two pink oval-shaped marks left on each side of the nose when someone removes their metal glasses? These are the famous nose pads that "dig" slightly into the skin! For some, this minor discomfort makes metal glasses less appealing for long periods. For enthusiasts, know that thin PVC pads often leave fewer marks than silicone ones, pulling less on the skin. Moreover, they don't get as dirty and are more rigid, therefore durable in the long term.

3. Personality and Lifestyle

The choice of glasses greatly depends on the lifestyle you lead and the look you want to project. When the opticians at BAR À LUNETTES meet you for a styling session, two questions are key:

  • What's your temperament? (bold or discreet)
  • What attitude do you want to project? (cheerful or serious, sophisticated or minimalist, rebellious or romantic, sporty or intellectual, etc.)

"Temperament helps guide my choice towards a frame with a thinner or thicker outline, while the desired attitude will influence design elements such as material, shape, and color in the options I'll propose."

- Marie-Sophie Dion


4. Versatility and Design

It's no wonder that acetate frames are the most popular; they can be cut in all sorts of thicknesses and shapes! This range of possibilities makes them the preferred choice for those looking for more than just a simple frame to see clearly. Moreover, at the BAR À LUNETTES, opticians offer you Bespoke eyewear: Your own acetate frame with a personalized design. The result? A pair of glasses with a distinctive and unique style, that doesn't slide down your nose, and is perfectly adjusted to your temples!

Thin metal frames, on the other hand, are often associated with more classic, sober, and traditional designs. They are available in a more limited range of shapes and colors and give a more serious and mature look to the faces wearing them. Conversely, titanium or stainless steel frames cut by laser or chemical jet have wide outlines, and are offered in a multitude of shapes.


5. Choice of Colours and Texture

Plastic frames offer a broader range of colors and textures, brightening your face and accentuating your eyes. From neutral to vibrant hues, playful to eccentric patterns, and matte to glossy finishes, the possibilities are endless. Some may even have a textured surface, with inlays or brushed effects!

On the other hand, thin metal frames have a more limited range in terms of color choices, but those with wide contours have an infinity of shades. They can also be polished, matte, or brushed to give your frames a chic and elegant effect.

Plastic or Metal Frames? Let's Summarize!

In terms of aesthetics and style, both plastic and metal frames offer interesting options for standing out. The choice depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, personality, and the desired effect, focusing on the criteria that matter most to you.


So go ahead according to your taste, and trust the opticians to guide you!

Marie-Sophie Dion, o.o.d.