Visagisme en 15 points : trouvez la monture parfaite du premier coup

Visagism in 15 points

According to Marie-Sophie Dion of the Glasses Bar concept, a face can be broken down into 15 points. The optician observes you down to the smallest detail, and must have a sharp eye! Here are the 15 essential measurements to find the perfect frame the first time.

1. Skin Tone Color: One should know what kind of colors suit and beautify.

2. Color of the iris: To highlight the eye, we play analog harmony or contrasting harmony.

3. Temple width: To choose the total width of the frame, the temple end of the lens should be halfway between the corner of the eye and the temple.

4. Shape and position of the root of the nose: In order to choose the ideal bridge to obtain comfort, stability of vision and aesthetics.

5. Interpupillary distance: To center the eyes in the lenses.

6. Size and shape of the eye: To choose the ideal template for the lens.

7. Presence of exophthalmos or false eyelashes: To avoid eyelash rubbing in glasses.

8. Eyebrow height: To position the top of the lens and frame harmoniously.

9. Shape of the eyebrow: In order to parallel follow its curve harmoniously.

10. Height of the ear: To obtain a horizontal and angle-free branch.

11. Proximity to the ear: In order to obtain a perfect fit, an arm neither too short nor too long.

12. Format of the cheek: To dress it aesthetically, but without touching it.

13. Angulations of the maxilla: If prominence, avoid the angles which harden more.

14. Lines of the eye socket: To hide, the demarcation if dark circles or puffiness.

15. Presence of wrinkles or scars to camouflage: Why not?

"It's when we try to find a square or round face that we realize that we all have an oval face..."

Marie-Sophie Dion OOD