Made to measure eyewear

Made to measure eyewear

The satisfaction of wearing a personalized eyeglass frame to the nearest half millimeter has been absolutely accessible to Quebecers since the inauguration of the Atelier Marie-Sophie Dion in 2014 in Montreal. Indeed, the optician who has become a designer over the years gets inspired by the facial features of her clients to create a made-to-measure model that then bears their name.

When is your turn to feel the incomparable comfort and aesthetics of a piece of jewelry cut just for you?

It's simple. Book an appointment for an eyewear styling session at the Glasses Bar near you; Laval, Old Montreal, Saint-Lambert, Sherbrooke or Quebec. You will discover more than 400 different designs signed by Marie-Sophie Dion, all made in Quebec, in cellulose acetate, a luxurious material derived from cotton.

If you have a crush on a frame from the ready-to-wear collection, know that it is available in 28 colors and 3 different textures. If you can't find the perfect frame in terms of shape, size, type of nasal support, etc., the optician will take your measurements so that Marie-Sophie Dion herself can draw it for you.

For more information on our tailor-made program, write to us at or call the Glasses Bar in your area.