Pour les sportifs; légèreté et confort

For sportive people; lightness and comfort

The glasses of the Lifestyle series of Adidas, manufactured in Austria by the firm SILHOUETTE, are among the most remarkable products in the sports field. They benefit from an unbreakable high-tech material, the SPX, in order to offer stability, protection and resistance to shocks.
The collection stands out for glasses that offer increased comfort thanks to an adjustment system, since the bridge is adaptable and the temples have a rubberized coating that adheres to the skull.

They are perfect for the practice of sports such as cycling, running, skiing, golf, among others.
Each frame, light but covering, adapts to the contours of the face and prevents UV rays, water or dust from penetrating.
Moreover, to improve vision, these glasses are also available with corrective lenses, which allows you to get a better perspective of your surroundings.

Indeed, the brand has developed three different technologies to incorporate corrective lenses into its glasses. The first integrates the corrective lenses according to the needs of the user by means of an assembly directly in the frame. The other way is to use an adapter that encompasses corrective lenses inserted into SPX rings. Finally, Silhouette has created a clip-in that allows you to add a second pair of glasses from the inside.

Adidas was born in 1900 in Bavaria, Germany, by Adolf Dassler. At first, the brand made sports shoes under the name Geda. It wasn't until August 18, 1949 when the company was renamed Adidas.
The agreement signed between Silhouette and Adidas offers a brand that is based on its motto "Support your vision" (Support your vision), which perfectly defines the entire Adidas eyewear collection.