Pour vos activités sportives, pensez aux lentilles cornéennes

For your sporting activities, consider contact lenses

Bar à Lunettes offers you a contact lens adjustment service, following an optometric examination validating the good health of your eyes. You will be able to correct your vision without glasses via single vision or multifocal lenses.

Multifocal contact lenses are contact lenses that have multiple corrective areas in the same lens. In general, one of the zones is used for the vision of close objects, another for the vision of distant objects, and finally others for intermediate distances. This design helps to correct presbyopia, an age-related visual defect that results in difficulty in properly focusing the image of nearby objects.

Multifocal lenses have a whole series of advantages:

• Have a soft demarcation between the different correction zones
• Allow good visual acuity for the distance range from near to far
• Provides the ability to see well in most conditions without having to wear glasses

If multifocal contact lenses do not seem interesting to you, other non-surgical solutions are available to you:

• Bifocal contact lenses
• Monovision or monovision/multifocal contact lenses
• Combined use of reading glasses and contact lenses for distant vision

Despite their excellent success rate, multifocal contact lenses can have certain disadvantages:

• Altered sense of spatial perception (depends on each person)
• Nocturnal halo effect and blurred or hazy vision (strong during adaptation period)
• Higher price due to greater design complexity

Our team of opticians and optometrists will help you find the best solution to correct your vision, taking into account your lifestyle, and will do the necessary follow-up to ensure that the choice was appropriate. Make an appointment with us!