Find the perfect frame

Find the perfect frame

At Glasses Bar, we rely on 15 key morphological aspects to pinpoint the perfect pair of glasses.

1. Skin tone: We encourage colors that will enhance your natural complexion.

2. Eye color: A pair of glasses can indeed make your eyes pop. Subtle pigmentation in the iris can be brought out by using contrasting or analogous colors.

3. Face width: To choose the right sized frame, the edge of the lens should be at the midpoint between the temple and the corner of the eye.

4. Shape and position of nose: Given that the weight of your glasses is supported primarily by your nose, a frame's bridge should respect the width and angle of your nose. This will guarantee stability, comfort and a natural look.

5. Pupillary Distance: For both technical and aesthetic reasons, eyes should be well centered.

6. Shape of the eye: Often overlooked, the shape of the lens can perfectly contour the shape of the eye.

7: Long eyelashes: A proper distance between lens and eye can be measured to avoid smudges.

8. Height of eyebrows: The rule about eyebrows is that we should not see them through the lenses, below the top of the frame.

9. Shape of eyebrows: If eyes are the windows of your soul, eyebrows are the key to expression. The angle of the frame's brow should follow your natural expression.

10. Height of ears: An inclined arm piece will tend to make your glasses slide on your nose. A straight horizontal arm will offer better stability.

11. Ear position: This will determine the ideal length of the arms.

12. Cheek bones: Glasses can add pep and oomph to your cheeks but shouldn't sit on them.

13. Jawline: Angles in the jawline can be enhanced of softened by the shape of your specs.

14. Orbital Creases: We all carry baggage, some of us under our eyes. We can help disguise these unwanted bags.

15. Hiding wrinkles or facial scars: Why not?

"It's when we try to find a strictly square or round face that we realize that we are all more or less oval . . ."
Marie-Sophie Dion OOD