The Circle of Ambassadors

Since 1992, Marie-Sophie Dion and her team have had the mission of improving the quality of life of their customers by offering them exceptional eyewear, providing them with comfort, visual performance and a remarkable style that will turn heads.

Many greet each other as they pass each other, recognizing, through their respective glasses, that they bought their glasses at the Glasses Bar.

From this observation, the idea came to Marie-Sophie to create the Circle of Glasses Bar Ambassadors. The goal is to bring people together and aims to promote the love of distinctive glasses among customers, to encourage their friends to discover the joys of being a customer at the Glasses Bar.

To participate, nothing is simpler: Register by sending us an email with the title "Yes I want it!" at

For every 3 friends you refer to us, we will note it in your account, and you will receive a $100 gift card applicable when you renew your look!

No limit is imposed, so you can collect several cards and buy yourself a nice pair of glasses, as long as the people referred are not already Glasses Bar customers.

So sign up now, and make the most of the benefits of being part of our Circle; )