Choisir mes lunettes selon la forme de mon visage : Un mythe

The Great Myth? Eyeglasses According to Face Shape

Do multiple face shapes truly exist? Round, rectangular, heart-shaped, diamond, etc.? Some journalists and bloggers, who enjoy pre-packaged topics like matching eyeglasses to different face shapes, might confuse you to the point where you no longer want to wear glasses at all.

Believe me, every optician knows that a face is oval, period!

Look around you for people who don't have an oval face, and you'll find none. Even if one of your friends has a visible, angular jawline, it’s unlikely to be so prominent that it distorts their face. For instance, some might say that Mitsou has a round face. Observe closely and you’ll see it’s never as wide as it is tall, making it an oval but short. People often suggest breaking this with rectangular glasses, but why not recommend lenses that enhance the playful charm of a round face? Let's break free from the constraints of 1960s fashion!

So, how do we realistically present eyeglass shapes that will enhance your look and style? We observe important features of the face, as described in our article on visagism or opto-physiognomy:

  • Placement and size of the eyes
  • Shape and height of the nose
  • Form and position of the eyebrows
  • Width of the temples
  • Length of the cheeks
  • Position of the ears
  • Length of the forehead
  • Hairstyle
  • Etc.

This is part of the initial analysis during a consultation at Bar à lunettes, including an evaluation of lens prescription, usage situations, etc.

That said, we should not think that the choice of lens shape is based solely on these details. We would miss out on the crucial step of finding the right style, which is essential to create the desired effect for the client. The conversation between an optician and their client aims to uncover the image and aura the person wants to project. 

The frame you wear is your business card and sets the tone for your appearance. Therefore, it must be chosen to represent you perfectly. Since it is your most visible accessory, it is necessary to take the time to make it perfect.

Different lens shapes around the eyes can add expressions to your face, ranging from playful to stern. We need to discern the true character the client wants to showcase. Generally, we can say that straight-line frames give a more serious look than friendly, while round lenses give a more gentle appearance than stern. Through specific questions, we determine each individual's unique personality.



At the Bar à Lunettes, we ask clients about the different characteristics they want to emphasize to define their desired "character." It’s important to understand the client’s intention, not just what they naturally project without speaking. For example, if a shy librarian wants to break free from their old style and look like a "rock star," we must consider that.

The era when everyone had only one pair of glasses is over. It’s not uncommon to see the same person wearing glamorous large ovals one day, small colored rectangular frames the next, and aviator shapes in the evening. The freedom of styles brings its share of surprises, like seeing a man wearing triangular glasses that verge on cat-eye style.

Let's take advantage of the open-mindedness offered by designers and stylists worldwide to sport eyeglass shapes that add a distinctive touch to your personal style. Enjoy exploring your shape possibilities by discussing with our team of experienced opticians by making an appointment at one of the six Bar à Lunettes locations.

We are waiting for you!

The Team from Bar à Lunettes

Marie-Sophie Dion, O.O.D.